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U.S. industrial valve seal ball hard to solve the transport problem

U.S. industrial valve seal ball hard to solve the transport problem

U.S. Industrial Valve Group's natural gas pipeline for the current technology and the development of a comprehensive analysis of a number of drawbacks to push a Waston pipeline valves - WastonB70 series of hard seal ball valve. The product is a comprehensive solution to the traditional products in the gas transportation deficiencies.

U.S. industrial gas pipeline valve Group Technical Summary:

1. Because of pipeline transportation of natural gas desulfurization ago contains a lot of hydrogen sulfide (which is a highly toxic and corrosive gases). Process even after the desulfurization of natural gas, there are still remnants of hydrogen sulphide. Therefore, selection must be selected pipeline valve corrosion resistance to sulfur material.

2. An average city gas pipeline are hundreds of kilometers or more, only regular patrols, inspection, and sometimes complicated pipeline through the region, media leaks could result in serious fire incidents. In particular, away from the city closer to the pipeline, to prevent the leakage of the valve is particularly important.

3. Pipeline, once operational, are not allowed to stop within a few years running, does not allow a short break, and no overhaul period. Series in the pipeline on the pipeline valve failure, lead to disastrous consequences. Therefore, the vulnerability of pieces of pipeline valves requires long life.

4. Control personnel in general or in the station control room, it requires a reliable control valve performance, and require a self-protection and explosion-proof valve measures. In particular, long to open the valve, requiring mutations in the situation among the cutting done and accurate. Therefore, a reliable control performance be the focus.

ball valve Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve Floating Ball Valve Top Entry Ball Valve ball valve V Type Ball Valve

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Elastic properties of metallic hard sealing butterfly valve Profile

Flexible metal seal butterfly valve is a state-level key new products, high-performance flexible metal seal butterfly valve uses a double eccentric, and a special sealing structure oblique elliptical cone. To solve the traditional eccentric butterfly valve in the headstock 0 ° ~ 10 ° the moment still in the sealing surface of the drawbacks of friction sliding contact, the realization of butterflies in the opening moments plate sealing surface that is separated from the closure of the effect of contact that is sealed to extend the service life of sealing performance The purpose of the best.


     For sulfuric acid in the gas pipeline industry: the import and export steel blower, blower relay entrance, electricity and Unicom valve series, S02 Blower main entrances converter regulation, import and export, such as preheater and the closure of the air-conditioning use.

     System for sulfur-burning sulfuric acid burn in the sulfur, the transformation of drying and absorption section, the sulfur-burning sulfuric acid plant with the preferred brand valves, the majority of users were considered to be: a good sealing performance, running light, the Deputy corrosion, high temperature, easy to operate, flexible, safe and reliable use of the butterfly valve has been a great deal to promote the use of.

     Also widely used: chemical, petrochemical, metallurgy, medicine, food and other industries in the SO2, steam, air, gas, ammonia, CO2 gas, oil, water, salt, alkali, water, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, phosphorus acid medium, such as regulation and control on the road as the use of closure devices.

     Structural characteristics:

     ① three unique eccentric design to the sealing surface so that no friction between the drive to extend the service life of the valve.

     ② torque generated by the flexible seal.

     ③ clever wedge design of the valve clearance has become more tight self-sealing function of sealing surface between the compensatory, zero leakage.

     ④ small size, light weight, compact operation, easy to install.

     ⑤ configured according to user requirements pneumatic, electric devices, to meet the needs of the remote control and program-controlled.

     ⑥ replacement parts could be applied to a variety of media materials, and conducted anti-corrosion lining (lining F46, GXPP, PO, etc.).

     ⑦ continuous structural diversity: for folders, flange, butt welding.

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Plastic sub-catchment and the valve device works in the application of warm (a)

Sub-catchment of plastic raw materials for the overall product requirements, design requirements, performance requirements, matching plastic valves and plastic filter test method requirements and the use of pressure and temperature, etc. that can find sub-catchment of the plastic device and sealed with a plastic valve test, torque test and fatigue test of basic quality control requirements, in order to facilitate sub-catchment of plastic valves and plastic device to determine the quality of selection and procurement.

Keywords: plastic valve plastic sub-catchment seal test device fatigue test

Warming in the rapid development of industry, the low-temperature floor radiation heating of the pipeline and the overall quality of support system also appears to require more and more important. With the low-temperature floor heating system in radiation applications, the proportion of construction work and continuous improvement, a variety of systems sub-catchment of the copper, and stainless steel sub-catchment, and plastic sub-catchment, and temperature control devices, a variety of materials valves, filters, and tube connector into engineering applications one after another, if not give the user control and bring the entire industry is adversely affected. The following sub-catchment devices on plastic and plastic valves to briefly outline the technical requirements.

Sub-catchment as a result of plastic valves and plastic device has a light weight, corrosion-resistant, non-absorption scale, can be integrated with the plastic pipe connected to a long life, production and installation of high efficiency not stolen after the loss of the advantages of plastic sub-catchment devices with plastic valves in the low-temperature floor radiation heating system, its advantages in the use of other materials or products are not mentioned in the same breath. At present, the domestic sub-catchment of the plastic device with the plastic valve in the production and application, there is no corresponding national or industry standards of their control, resulting in uneven product quality. With the rising price of copper, plastic and plastic sub-catchment devices such as valves and the rise of products has gradually expanded its market share. In order to protect the interests of consumers and to warm the healthy development of the industry, China's sub-catchment devices plastic valves and plastic is to declare national standards-making process.

The international community for the plastic to warm sub-catchment's varieties are mainly polypropylene, glass fiber reinforced material such as nylon 66 products. There are no plastic water's international standards, but the sub-catchment of the plastic unit supporting the valve need to be consistent with international standards.

International main types of plastic valves are ball valves, butterfly valve, check valve, valve, gate valve and shut-off valves, etc. There are two main structural forms pass, links and multi-valve, the main raw materials are ABS, PVC -U, PVC-C, PB, PE, PP and PVDF, etc.. Used to warm the main varieties of plastic ball valve and plastic valve.

Valve in the plastic products to international standards, the first valve is used in the production of raw materials to carry out the requirements of the manufacturer of its raw materials must be consistent with the plastic pipe product standard curve of creep damage; At the same time, the sealed plastic valve testing, valve body test, the overall long-term performance of the valve test, fatigue test and operation of the torque requirements are carried out, given the design life of plastic valves for 25 years.

Plastic filter materials to meet the same pieces of plastic pipe to meet the technical requirements and sub-catchment of the use of system requirements.

1. Plastic sub-catchment, and plastic valves and plastic filter products, the technical requirements

Raw material requirements of 1.1

Products in line with the selection of materials should be selected GB/T18252-2000 "plastic pipe systems extrapolation of thermoplastic pipe hydrostatic strength of long-term determination" requirement. ball valve Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve Floating Ball Valve Top Entry Ball Valve Three way ball valve V Type Ball Valve
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Dynamic balance valves in HVAC engineering (c)

3, air-conditioning design should be based on return water temperature difference between summer and winter water for a reasonable set of dynamic balance valve

Control air-conditioning systems in the four balance valve with both winter and summer is to meet the different requirements of water, when the winter and summer air-conditioning heating sections, cold water temperature is not at the same time, significant differences in water flow, water in the two control systems should be in accordance with Winter and Summer in different settings Valve flow requirements: a way to set up Dynamic Variable Valve flow, summer and winter season when the converter valves.

Method II, set up two balance valve, valve 1 by the choice of the winter flow valves, valve 2 by the summer and winter, the largest difference between the choice of water, valves, valve 1 in winter, summer two valves, two valves to achieve air-conditioning the four control functions. Method III-controlled device with a dynamic balance valve flows through the computer. Otherwise, air-conditioning in summer due to water flow in winter is different and simple to set up in the air conditioning fixed end of the dynamic flow balance valve is not possible to meet two of the water balance of the season.

6, dynamic balance valve design example works

1, project

Located in Beijing's bustling King Street down well commercial market, is from Beijing Dong'an Group and Sun Hung Kai Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. joint venture to build the project, covers an area of about 21400m2. Large-scale construction projects, construction plane is divided into A, B, C, D in four areas, including A, B, area market segments; D areas for the dynamic part of the move-back city. Floor, six on the ground, on the podium for the tenth floor office.

Market旧西危total load of frozen room 10450RT (about 36750KW).

Air-conditioning chilled water from the ground floor of three rooms at ground floor two primers. In order to reduce the non-commercial area. Water system for the next time for the next two-pipe system, different programs. The second floor from the ground to the 20 air-conditioned well water pipes.

Water fan-coil system in accordance with the load characteristics of the construction is divided into areas within and outside the two loops area. For chilled water within the district, outside the district heating water in winter. According to the indoor climate and in line with the situation, through the building automation system in the two-story underground shaft electric switch controlled by the extracellular region of cold water dual, hot water switch.

2, air-conditioning program designed to balance valve

For chilled and frozen pump unit is, in order to avoid a variety of factors contained in the occurrence of partial load, in the freezer and set the water flow on the secondary pump outlet Valve installed.

Market as a result of the construction plane large, and require the owners and architects "golden land" effective area of the high rate of business, premises and equipment, tube wells, therefore the small size and its location is also a negative, so that the vertical reach of 108m, the horizontal cross-270m the pipeline system, pipeline system, the resistance balance and debugging is very difficult. In order to solve the water system "long pipeline is difficult to balance" the difficulties of the design process to develop a balanced program of two sets.

Program One: a multi-polar set general installation of water pipes Crosshole Valve

① is in charge of line with the 20 wells installed heating pipes Valve

② installed in the shaft export balance valve

③ in each box to install air-conditioning Valve

④ tenants in each of the balance valve installed on outlet

Option II: Using Dynamic Balance Valve

① The fan coil unit is installed on the end of balance valve

② air-conditioned box at the end device is installed on balance valve

Tested compared to the final adoption of the balance valve is

① me the end of the installation of air conditioning and automatic control valves Valve

② retail and office space within two or three fan-coil combination of a balance valve and control valve, fan coil units in each office outside the area occupied and controlled a balance valve valve

3, the application of the Aggregate Balance Valve

① long pipeline system different way to install multi-level balance valve price is higher than the general level of dynamic balance valve terminal equipment.

② the end of the device in the dynamic balance valve installation, maintenance, when the scope of the impact of small, air-conditioning equipment and start and stop the tenants affected.

Dynamic balance valve ③ own filters, to avoid the water system on line in the dirt-controlled valve damage.

④ Because of the dynamic pressure balance valve for a certain period within the scope of error of only ± 5%, the more equipment on or off the flow of the other equipment is almost no impact to ensure that the end of the stability of water flow devices. 


  ball valve Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve Floating Ball Valve Top Entry Ball Valve Three way ball valve V Type Ball Valve
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Concerned about the performance of the four solenoid valves

 1. Security:

     1. Corrosive media: should use plastic Wang solenoid valve and all stainless steel; for the strong corrosive medium must be selected isolated diaphragm. Cases of CD-F. Z3CF. Neutral medium, it should use copper alloy for the valve shell materials, electromagnetic valve, otherwise the shell valves are often chip off rust, especially the movements infrequent occasions. Ammonia with the valve can not use copper.

     2. Explosive environments: explosion-proof grade products must be selected accordingly, open-air installation or dust should be used more occasions, waterproof, dust-proof varieties.

     3. Solenoid valve Nominal pressure shall not exceed the maximum working pressure of pipe.

2. Applicability:

     1. Dielectric properties

     1.1 The quality of gas, liquid or mixed state were selected to different kinds of electromagnetic valve cases ZQDF for air, ZQDF-Y for liquid, ZQDF-2 (or -3) for the steam, otherwise easily cause malfunction. ZDF Series multi-function solenoid valve can be them altogether in the air. Liquids. The best set, went out the state media, install the user no longer modal.

     1.2 Medium temperature products with different specifications, otherwise the coil will be burnt, seals aging, seriously affect the life of life.

     1.3 medium viscosity, usually in the 50cSt below. If it exceeds this value, diameter greater than 15mm Series multi-function solenoid valve with ZDF to make a special order. Diameter of less than 15mm solenoid valve provides a high viscosity.

     1.4 Cleanliness is not high when the media should be equipped with the electromagnetic valve before the filter backflushing valve, low pressure moving fashion can choose straight diaphragm solenoid valve for example, CD-P.

     1.5 If the directional flow of media, and are not allowed back ZDF-N and ZQDF-N need to use a single two-way flow, please make a special request.

     1.6 Medium temperature should be chosen within the allowable range solenoid valve.

     2, pipeline parameters

     2.1 According to media flow requirements and pipe connection valve openings and model selection. For example, for a pipeline to the two channels to switch, the small diameter of the election CA5 and Z3F, medium or Chase Drive Please select ZDF-Z1 / 2. Another example is control of convergence of the two pipelines, please select ZDF-Z2 / 1 and so on.

     2.2 In accordance with the value of the selected flow rate and valve Kv DN, but also optional with the pipe diameter. Please note that some manufacturers are not marked with the Kv value, often less than the interface valve hole size diameter, must not covet low price and makes a botch.

     2.3 Working pressure minimum working pressure at 0,04 Mpa above is the choice of an indirect Pilot; minimum working pressure close to or less than zero must be selected direct-acting type or sub-step direct type.

     3, environmental conditions

     3.1 environment, the maximum and minimum temperature should be chosen within the allowable range, if the need for ultra-poor special order made.

     3.2 environment, relative humidity is high and there are water droplets and rain and so on, to be elected water solenoid valve

     3.3 environment, often have vibration, bumps and shocks should be elected special varieties such as occasion, such as marine solenoid valve.

     3.4 in a corrosive or explosive environments should be given priority in the use of security requirements under the optional anti-hair loss

     3.5 environmental space if limited, please use multi-function solenoid valve, because eliminating the need for a bypass, and three manual valves and easy online maintenance.

     4, power supply conditions

     4.1 According to power supply types, were selected to AC and DC solenoid valves. Generally speaking, convenient access to AC power.

     4.2 Voltage specification with the best preference AC220V, DC24V.

     4.3 AC power supply voltage fluctuations are usually chosen +% 10% -15%, DC to allow ±% 10 or so, should the ultra-poor, regulators should take measures or make special order requests.

     4.4 The choice should be based on rated power capacity and consumption of power. VA should be noted that the value of the exchange-start high, inadequate capacity should be preferred in the indirect-guided electromagnetic valve.

     5, the control accuracy

     5.1 Common solenoid valve is only opened, closed two locations in the control of high precision and parameters for a smooth when you use a number of solenoid valves; Z3CF three normal open solenoid valve, with Enlight, fully open and close the three kinds of traffic; ZDF -Z1 / 1 combination of multi-function solenoid valve has a fully open, wide open, small open, open all four kinds of traffic.

     5.2 Action Time: refers to connect or disconnect the electrical signal to the main valve movement completion time, and only the company's patented multi-function solenoid valve can adjust the opening and closing time was not only to meet the control accuracy requirements, but also to prevent water hammer damage.

     5.3 leakage leakage given the sample values for common economic level, if too high, please make a special order.

Third, reliability:

     1, working life, this is not included in the pilot project factory belonging to type pilot projects. Formal to be elected to ensure quality, brand-name manufacturers.

     2, the working standard: sub-system of long-term, repeated short-term work system and the three kinds of short-term work system. For a long time only a short-term closure of the valve opening of the case, are advised to use normal open solenoid valve. Short-term work system used in large quantities when they can be used as a special order to reduce power consumption.

     3, the working frequency: Action frequency of requests is high, the structure should be preferred direct drive type solenoid valve, the power to listen to optimize the exchange.

     4, operating reliability strictly speaking to the pilot solenoid valve has not yet formally included in our professional standards, to ensure the quality of the brand-name manufacturers should be regular elections. Some occasions the number of actions are not many, but very high reliability requirements, such as fire, emergency protection, must not be taken lightly. Particularly important, should be used in conjunction to take two pairs of insurance.

4, economy:

     No economy is on the money, energy and even a waste of life, it is one of the choice of scale, but it must be in a safe, suitable and reliable based on the economy, the economy of not only the product price, but also to give priority to its function and quality of as well as the installation and maintenance, and other accessories required for the cost, more importantly, a solenoid valve-controlled systems throughout the entire production line automatic control system, as well as the share of the cost of very little, if just for the sake of small cheap and the wrong group is selected as early as damage huge.

     In short, the economy not just price, but rather a comprehensive cost of the product cost performance price ratio. ball valve Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve Floating Ball Valve Top Entry Ball Valve Three way ball valve V Type Ball Valve
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Anti-corrosion metal valves and synthetic materials, the application of valves

 Valve corrosion, is usually understood as the valve metal material in the chemical or electrochemical environment under the action of the damage suffered. As the "corrosion" phenomenon seen in the metal spontaneous interaction with the surrounding environment were, therefore, how the metal with the surrounding environment isolated or more of the use of non-metallic composite materials, then become common concern.

     As we all know, metal corrosion damage on the role of the valve duration, reliability and service life have a considerable impact. The role of mechanical and corrosion factors on the role of the metal substantially increased the total contact surface wear. Valve in the operation, the friction surface of the total amount of wear and tear. Valve in the operation, the friction surface due to the same time, the mechanical role and Metals and the Environment to conduct chemical or electrochemical interaction of wear and damage results. Right valve, its climatic conditions, the complex pipeline of work; oil, gas and reservoir water medium, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and some organic acids appear to increase the destructive power of the metal surface, which quickly lose their ability to work.

     Due to chemical corrosion of metals depends on the temperature, the friction parts of the mechanical load, lubricating materials contained in the sulfide and acid stability and media exposure duration and metals on the nitridation process of a catalyst, corrosion erosion of material elements of the metal conversion speed and so on. Therefore, the metal valve corrosion method (or measures) and synthetic materials, the application of the valve will become the subject of study, one of valve industry.

     A metal valve preservation, understood as the metal coated valve to protect against corrosion on the conditions of protective layer (such as paints, pigments, lubricating materials, etc.), so that the valve either in the manufacturing, storage, transport or in the whole process of its use are not subject to corrosion.

     The method of corrosion of metal valve determined by the needs of the term of protection, transportation and storage conditions, the valve construction features and materials, of course, to adapt to consider lifting the economic effects of corrosion.

     Corrosion of metal valves and parts are mainly four kinds of ways:

     1, the volatile corrosion inhibitor into the vapor in the atmosphere (using the resistance of paper parcel, blowing air through the product chamber suppression, etc.).

     2, was inhibited using water and alcohol solution.

     3, the anti-corrosion (Protection) Apply thin layer materials, the surface of the valve and its components.

     4, will be resistance-based polymer thin film, or apply on the surface of the valve and its components.

     (Note: At present, the valve manufacturer, widely used in lubricating materials, and water resistance to corrosion of solvent flow.)

     Second, the application of the valve material

     Synthetic material valve, and in many corrosive conditions in both superior to metal valves, first and foremost anti-corrosion, followed by net weight, as its strength, depends on the shape of the reinforced fiber, arrangement and quantity. (Generally, the greater the percentage of fibers, synthetic materials, the greater the intensity.) In the valve applications, the fiber content of the basic range of the weight of 30% -40%, while its chemical stability, mainly by filling in the final product ontological characteristics of fiber resin sealed the decision. Valve in the synthetic material, its solid polymer body may be either thermoplastic (such as PVC-PVDF, PPS-polyphenylene sulfide, etc.) can also be a thermosetting resin (eg polyester, vinyl and epoxy its resin, etc.). Thermosetting resin in the IL-temperature state to maintain its strength is better than the performance of thermoplastic (ie, thermosetting resins have higher heat distortion temperature). (Note: the use of working conditions, the thermal properties of synthetic materials measurement known as the heat distortion temperature.)

     At present, the most commonly used chemical process valves for the vinyl epoxy resin composite materials (thermal plastic material), its enhanced fiber chopped glass fiber (1 / 4 inch long) and chopped graphite fiber (1 / 4 inch long).

From the surface analysis, glass and graphite composite materials with metal enhanced compared to the lower tensile strength, therefore, synthetic materials, a large part of the valve by the stress of a thick cross-section should be accompanied with metal stiffener in order to achieve the same performance.

Synthetic material of the valve due to corrosion resistance, high strength and light weight, making it in a number of metal or glass fiber reinforced plastic piping systems corrosive conditions, the more economical alternative valve products. In the chemical process conditions, the synthetic materials were excellent prospects for the use of the valve.

      In the valve industry, organic materials and the use of synthetic materials, has not traditionally metal and nonmetal materials, the concept of the valve. Ceramics (could be the valve temperature by 400 ℃ to 1200 ℃ or above), plastic (with rust-corrosion characteristics), synthetic materials (with corrosion resistance, light weight, high strength characteristics), memory alloys (using shape memory alloy or the temperature of the reversible shape memory alloy and high flexibility to manufacture valves), etc.. New materials, is developing a large number of new products with high performance valves. Development of new technologies, so that a variety of engineering materials used in the valve manufacturing industry has become possible. 

  ball valve Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve Floating Ball Valve Top Entry Ball Valve ball valve V Type Ball Valve
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Or into a high-tech investment in the direction of valve

With the continuous development of science and technology, the domestic valve market, but also to the high-tech, high-parameter, strong corrosion-resistant, high-life direction. Valves based on technical analysis at home and abroad and domestic market demand valve and analyzed in recent years the industry of high-tech valves and valve industry development trend and investment direction, are as follows:


     1. Oil, natural gas wellhead valve devices


     Oil, natural gas wellhead valves are mainly used in the U.S. API6A standard single gate or board, there is no diversion diversion hole or holes parallel steel gate valve, ball valve, angle-type throttle valve (CHOKE VALVE ), pilot-type safety valve and check valve.

     2. Oil, natural gas valve with long-distance pipeline

     Oil, natural gas long-distance pipeline with the main valve in order to comply with U.S. standards API6D single-gate or board, there is no diversion diversion hole or holes parallel Forged Gate Valve; steel or cast steel three-body, coat-style or full welded ball valve fixed ball; oil seal or pressure balanced plug valves; Swing check valve or butterfly valve, pass the ball check valve; pigging valve.

     3. Nuclear power plant valve

     Nuclear power than conventional valve with a large thermal power station valve its technical characteristics and requirements higher. Valves are generally valve, valve, check valve, butterfly valve, safety valve, main steam isolation valve, ball valve, valve, relief valve and control valve.

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