Saturday, August 21, 2010

What are the advantages and disadvantages of automatic control valves?

The operational efficiency and save energy consumption, the use of automatic control valve is an indispensable part of traditional industry used manual valves, pneumatic valve, the installation cost and efficiency are not and electric valve.

The industry concerned that the valves in industrial processes, the most used to control the road and flow of various fluids such as water, oil, chemical liquids, etc. based on the parameters are temperature, pressure and flow. The plant control valves are commonly used in valves, pneumatic-type fixed temperature valve, solenoid valve fixed temperature system, proportional control valve fixed temperature system, several types of temperature control valve. In the selection of various types of automatic valves, they should consider the type of heat engine, the required accuracy, the quality control valves, pressure drop, flow and structure, failure rate, credit and after-sales service manufacturers and other factors, in order to achieve economic and practical purposes.

On the product itself, due to electric valve with easy assembly, the failure rate is low, as well as meet the industry's automation needs of the merit of being the industry more cost-effective choice. Since the use of conventional pneumatic valve, will inevitably have a piping, solenoid valve and the compressor in order to match, while the electric valve is a motor-driven, easy to install save trouble, and the installation of electric valve-controlled line with the original plant can be saved other costs. In addition, motor-driven opening and closing means relatively smooth, non-transient momentum is too large disadvantage of the failure rate can be greatly reduced.

Many people think that electric valve expensive, the use of high cost, it is not true, if the overall terms, the traditional valve to add a number of accessories and pipe installation, the price is not dominant, but have to bear more of the maintenance costs.

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